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Fax your document to 877-4-ENFOLD
To fax documents into your Enfold account
  • Click on Create fax cover sheet button below
  • Fill out the Fax cover sheet form – name your document, assign enFolders or Vendors or both
  • You may then Preview it, edit it if necessary, and print the cover sheet
  • Place this cover sheet on top of your document – and in between documents if you want to fax more than one document – and fax them from your fax machine or service to 877-4-ENFOLD
  • Your faxed documents will be delivered to your Enfold account – with the enFolder and/or vendor assignments you entered on your Fax cover sheet
Create fax cover sheet
Email your documents to
To email documents into your Enfold account
  • Fill out the To address with
  • For the From address, you MUST use the same email as your Enfold login
  • Attach one or more documents to the email
  • Optionally, you may enter filing instructions in the Subject of the email by using the @ sign followed by enFolders and/or vendor, separated by commas, eg @Credit Cards, Bank of America
  • Your documents will be filed according to your instructions or will be delivered ‘unfiled’ if you don’t use tags or we can’t figure out what you want
Set up e-delivery of documents from vendors
To fetch documents from other websites into your Enfold account
  • You can arrange for Enfold to fetch documents you currently receive electronically from other websites
  • Enfold will fetch these for you and file them directly into your account
  • Once you set this up, the documents will always be where you can find them without any extra effort from you
  • All you have to do - only once - is set up the vendor and vendor credentials inside the Organize tab for any vendor that currently provides you with electronic documents – statements, policies, bills, etc
  • To do this, select the Organize tab, select the Vendor tab, select a vendor (or create a new one), assign an enFolder, add the vendor credentials (username and password) – then wait for us to fetch and file the document for you
Upload documents from your mobile device
To add a document from your iOS smart phone
  • Download the Enfold app from the App Store
  • Click on the application’s icon to launch it
  • Login to your Enfold account
  • From within the Enfold app, click on the camera icon (upper right corner) to take a picture of the document you want to upload
  • Select Use Photo and Enfold will create a document from the photo
  • Select Save and the document is in your Enfold account
  • Optionally, you can Organize your document before you Save - select the Business or Personal category, one or more enFolders and/or a Vendor. Then, tap the Save button – and your document is filed