Each portal that Enfold licenses, can contain tens of millions of lockers. Each locker can hold thousands of files –

text, pictures, music, videos – that are important to the locker-holder – such as bills, wills, insurance policies,

medical records, a child’s drawings, birthday videos…

Super Security

Enfold offers patent-pending ‘super-security’ for its lockers – in addition to strong encryption, Enfold also employs ‘security by fragmentation’ – each file can be encrypted and then ‘cut’ into a indeterminate number of fragments of indeterminate length – and then all fragments are stored separately such that no one knows where all the fragments are.

Benefits To Companies

Why would any company distribute lockers to consumers?
A sample list of benefits is provided below:


Locker Size

Each organization can decide how many files, pictures, minutes/hours of music, video and so on it will offer in each locker. If a given user chooses to expand their locker, they need to pay for it.

New revenues via cross-selling and up-selling

Partners can reach out to their customers for cross-selling and up-selling purposes via the Ribbon, via Offers and via status messages.

Over-The-Air Streaming

Since streaming of audio and video are part of each locker, the company (if it is a wireless carrier) stands to make significant revenue from over-the-air streaming of files in the locker.

Value-Added Modules

The company can offer a wide range of value-added modules embedded in each locker.


Paper suppression

Significantly raises the number of paperless customers and drops spending on paper.

Customer on-boarding

With form-filling, e-signature and development of workflows built into the lockers, on-boarding becomes simpler and cheaper.

Regulatory Compliance

Companies are sometimes required to
(a) prove that a customer got a file.
(b) maintain the file for years after it was sent. Lockers solve both problems.

Reduction in customer-service costs

Lockers lead to fewer calls to customer service due both to the ribbon and because the needed information is often already in the locker.



Most organizations offer ‘e-delivery’ to their own website – so the consumer has to go to multiple websites. With a locker, the consumer only needs to go to one place.

Brand-exposure and traffic-generation

The brand of the organization is exposed to consumers regardless which file they log in to look at.

Customer stickiness

Once a consumer gets used to having their files automatically and invisibly in their locker, they are less likely to wander off to competitors.

Ability to access multiple markets

Since the Portals support multiple languages, an organization in multiple markets can simultaneously target some or all of them.

Benefits To Consumers

Why would you accept and use a locker?

It is universal

Storage of files of all kinds (text, pictures, music, videos etc.) from all sources (your bank, your phone company, your hospital…) and accessible via web browsers, Android apps and iOS apps.

It is organized

The locker comes with a standard set of common folders (Education, Health, Money and so on) that you can use ‘right out of the box’ or you can make your own folders.

It is permanent

The locker belongs to you for the rest of your life and its contents can also be automatically passed on to others when you’re no longer around.

It is omnivorous

It accepts files by a large variety of methods – drag-and-drop, upload, email, fax, phone-camera – and it even accepts bulk deposits from sources like banks, insurers and governments that want to send files to millions of people.

It is searchable

You can search for files in the locker in all kinds of ways – who sent it, what type of file is it, when it arrived, what does it contain, and so on.

It is useful

It allows you to attach notes and reminders to file (“renew this passport in June 2021”).

It shares and bequeaths

You may want to share some parts of your locker with other people (Taxes, Medical). You may also want the locker to go to other people automatically if you’re no longer around.

It is extensible

It offers a range of additional modules which you may find useful.

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